In case we run out of time during the reading group, please feel free to post discussion ideas/topics/comments/feedback via the app below! 

We also encourage the submission of short-form written pieces (from essays/articles, to poetry and prose) responding to the dominant themes of the yearly readings.


Keywords such as bacteriophages, synthetic pheromones, biomonitoring data, junk DNA,  n-hexane poisoning, mattering, slow science, surrogacy, epigenetic discrimination, indicators, pseudoscience, and intentional

biology may help form a starting point. 

Please send pitches and finished pieces to ziha2281@uni.sydney.edu.au, with the subject line 'LABTALK' throughout the semester. We'll post the articles on a regular basis (depending on submission rate). 

We hope to compile all submissions into a small e-anthology as a way to celebrate the final reading group meeting in November. 

Submission Guidelines 

  • Short-form opinion pieces, critical analyses, poetry and prose, auto-essays, personal reflections, reviews and cross-disciplinary experiments. 

  • Between 500-2000 words (ideally!). 

  • A more intimate approach is appreciated, as opposed to expert commentary. 

  • Visual reflections also encouraged; through the use of video, sound, and image, to compose overall piece. 

  • Relevant to Science and Technology Studies. Submission should engage with topics proximal to knowledge production, objectivity/empiricism, biopolitics, Nature with a capital N , new materialism, etc.

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